“Kamber Mason Design always responded to communications in a timely manner. she was transparent with scheduling and availability, and always delivered on Their commitments. We'd hire KMD ten times over!” - J.R


Kamber Mason

Kamber launched Kamber Mason Design in 2014 in Marin County. A holistic and educated approach to interior architecture and design from concept through completion sets Kamber Mason Design apart. Kamber’s goal is to bring both beauty and function to your home or office design to enable you to live more fully and with greater appreciation for your surroundings. Kamber is a designer, artist, and experienced business owner. She was born in California’s San Joaquin Valley and raised on a rural horse ranch outside the small town of Oakdale. She grew up in an artistic home, raised by entrepreneurial parents who taught her that she could do anything and be anyone if she applied herself. Kamber worked her way through college, graduating with a BA in Art History from UC Santa Cruz in 1993. In 2019 Kamber earned an MFA from the San Francisco Academy of Art in Interior Architecture and Design.

As a designer, Kamber has worked for over 26 years in art and design, beginning in the art gallery business, moving into graphic design, then managing all marketing and design for her jointly owned plumbing business, and finally evolving into a certified interior designer with an MFA education in Interior Architecture and Design. Kamber passed the California IDEX exam in July 2018.

Kamber is also an artist. She paints landscapes, still life, and figures. She has participated in a variety of group art shows in Marin County. Kamber began creating art from early childhood with encouragement from her mother, Northern California figurative sculptor Betty Saletta. Kamber has always been inspired by Betty. “She is brilliant–a true Renaissance woman who can do absolutely anything.” In 1979 her mom Betty drew blueprints for their family home with no formal architecture training. The house was built like a barn raising with the help of friends and continues to be the hub of many family gatherings. Much of Kamber’s love of art and design is attributed to her mom’s influence, but it was Kamber’s work in the fine art industry directly out of college with Stephen and Connie Wirtz and their international stable of artists that inspired and shaped the design aesthetic she maintains today.

Kamber is an experienced business owner of over 16 years in Marin. Kamber Mason Design grew organically out of the need for help in kitchen and bath design by clients of Mason Plumbing, Inc. (MPI). Kamber and her husband Cameron Mason opened MPI in 2002 and have been successfully serving Marin’s plumbing needs with honesty, integrity, and quality service ever since. You can research why their customers keep coming back on their Diamond Certified profile.

Kamber is driven by an all-consuming need to create, make, and do–for her clients, herself, and her family. “Design is my life - it’s in my my DNA. I am passionate about my work. If I wasn’t doing this, there would be a huge hole in my life where my purpose was supposed to be.” Kamber wants to create a more beautiful and functional world through design for you.